How to Wear Your Kaftans During the Winter Season

We know that Kaftan’s are a summer-time wardrobe staple. They are light, airy, and fashionable for the warm weather. But, who says you can’t wear your favorite Kaftan’s all-year-round? Don’t let your beautiful clothes collect dust in the closet. Instead, upgrade them with some accessories that fit the season. Over at BaublesNBloom, we are going to provide you with some stylish tips for wearing your Kaftan’s during the winter.

Pair Your Kaftan with A Headscarf/Headwrap

Why work harder, when you can work smarter? Don’t go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for the winter. Grab that gorgeous Kaftan, and pair it with your favorite headscarf for a fashion forward, easy-to-wear look! 

When choosing which headwrap or headscarf to match your kaftan, focus on the colors and patterns. Whether it’s boho, patterned, solid-colored, or brimmed, your headwrap or headscarf will compliment your look.

It’s also a must-have winter accessory to protect you from the rain, wind, and more. If you’re in a white and pink embroidered kaftan, a good headwrap choice would be brown or black. If you’re wearing a black kaftan, pair with a bold pop of color such as red, yellow or green in order to complete your winter style.

Pair Your Kaftan with Boots

It’s important to keep your toes covered in the colder, harsher months of the year. When you go outside, there could be rain, snow, or ice that will encounter your feet. Whether you want to wear thigh-high boots, middle-length boots, or ankle boots, kaftans are the perfect outfit for that ensemble. Wearing boots is an integral part of winter fashion, so grab your favorite pair of black or brown boots to match your kaftan this winter!

Pair Your Kaftan with Jeans or Leggings

Kaftans are traditionally worn over swimsuits or other beachwear. But, you can wear your kaftan with a pair of jeans or leggings to make it more casual and better suited for the cooler months. If you have a short kaftan in your closet, grab a pair of blue or black jeans for both style and warmth. If you want to go the more comfortable, flexible route; Simply grab an earthy-toned pair of leggings to pair with your short or long kaftan instead!  

Pair with A Jacket or Coat

The number one winter fashion accessory is a jacket or coat. Whether your jacket is leather, faux fur, denim, wool, or cotton, any kaftan will work underneath. Practically all winter accessories can be paired with kaftans because of their versatility and dynamic appeal. They are comfortable, cozy, and let’s not forget chic!

What are you waiting for? Grab a kaftan from BaublesNBloom today and take on the winter season in fashion!

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