Types of Places You Can Wear A Kaftan

Over at BaublesNBloom, we are here to help you embody the wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of. We offer an extraordinary collection of kaftans, which are the most versatile pieces of clothing you can wear. They are variants to maxi dresses, robes and tunics, and can be found in a variety of fabrics, lengths and patterns. Kaftans vary in style for your enjoyment, and have been worn in a number of cultures around the world for thousands of years. Let’s look at some places you can wear a kaftan:



We know there is a global pandemic in full swing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a mini vacation somewhere nearby that you can reach via driving. If you are dealing with feelings of ‘cabin fever,’ it might be a good idea to find the nearest beach or park to explore. Kaftans are the perfect cover-up for the beach, and you can wear your bathing suit on underneath for easy layering. Take your beachwear to a higher level with one of our luxurious kaftans. If you want to feel that beachy breeze, opt for a sheer, lightweight kaftan.

If you already live by the beach, and want to experience a night out in the city, grab that embroidered kaftan for the perfect look. Embroidered kaftans weave in different colored threading, and feature creative designs for that bold look you desire. Pink, black, red, green, white, or yellow ... Kaftans come in a variety of colors to fit the mood you’re in!

You may struggle to figure out what to wear to work events, weddings, holiday dinners or fancy outings. But, there’s no need to fret. Kaftans are the best option because they suit any environment for women of all sizes. You can dress up a kaftan by pairing it with accessories such as jewelry, handbags, and heels. For example, women who are into boho-chic can throw on a pair of heels, add a bold shoulder handbag, and a pair of big earrings to get the ultimate boho-chic look. Women with bigger busts can sometimes struggle to find dresses that fit correctly. When you opt for a kaftan with long sleeves and a low V-neck, this can help showcase an incredibly flattering line. When you want to select a kaftan for a formal occasion, look for sheer, silk, and cotton, because these fabrics scream magnificence!

Next time you don’t know what to wear to a family outing, consider the variety of luxurious kaftans that are guaranteed to get the job done!



For those of you that consider yourself homebody’s, kaftans can provide the simplicity you need. The versatility of kaftans make them very notable. If you want to binge watch a TV series on the couch, choose an airy, cotton kaftan that will provide you flexibility and comfort at the same time.

If you need to make a quick trip the store, kaftans are the best grab and go outfit. They work as great loungewear, and are perfect for errands. When you walk into public wearing a kaftan, you grab the attention of others due to the handcrafted, royal touches they provide. They provide more freedom and pleasure than throwing on some pants and a shirt. Find the ideal balance between being comfy and stylish by shopping our luxurious kaftans at BaublesNBloom. Truly perfect for any occasion, from formal to informal. Grab one that suits your style today!


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